J & J  Treasure Trove

For all your quality furniture needs and consignments

J and J Treasure Trove is owned and operated by Jack and Julie Jackson. When we bought our own first home, we knew we did not want to visit a busy furniture shop with salespeople pushing expensive designer furniture to us. We discovered that it would be cheaper to drive out of state in order to buy what we wanted at a fraction of the cost. We decided against opening a credit account at one of the well-established furniture stores and pay a huge deposit equal to what we would pay for gently used high end furniture, floor samples and model home furniture in a consignment store. Realizing that many families were in this predicament, we decided to bring quality, affordable furniture closer to the Hoosiers. Our services include online shopping and in-store shopping with an option of delivery. Over the years, our  customer base has widened and have had customers buying online from as far as Chicago, Ohio, Carlifonia, Michigan


Our Address


5002 Madison Ave, Indianapolis (corner Thompson St ,  on the south side of Indy, take a ramp towards Green Wood Mall)


Opening Hours ( both J & J Treasure Trove Shop # 1 and 2)


Hours : 11am - 6.30pm.  

Open Days: Tue, Wed, thur, Fri. and Sat and 

2pm to 5 pm on Sun

Closed Days: Mon